A-Y “Potent”- Self Portrait music video

Winner of “Best Production Value” in the UWG Mass Communications Society and Student Film Society F-Stop Film Festival 2011!

This is a non-traditional music video
Rather than focusing on the artist of the song, it’s main focus is on the individual rarely seen, the man behind the camera who’s job it is to make others shine. His passion and drive for the camera and the one’s he works with could be described as “Potent”. Becoming so engulfed in his work and the art of telling a story through his work to the point of even disregarding essentials like food, sleep, even the more important things…
A man who has been described “as one of the most surrounded and connected people, and yet…one of the most lonely”
This is a portrait of one such man.

Cameos in order of appearance:
Cyhi Da Prynce, Sean Falyon, Don Cannon, Killer Mike, Kyle Lucas and Vonnegutt, Backbone, Slimm Calhoun, BABY BABY, Big Boi, Janelle Monae

Song- “Potent” – A-Y

footage shot by: Wynton Yates, Tristan Ervin and Terence Rushin (Chasing Squirrels)
Edited by: Terence Rushin

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