Chasing Squirrelz Inc Work w/ Al Green and Lamorris Williams

This passed weekend, the Chasers worked with the legendary Al Green and Lamorris Williams, shooting a video for “You Make Me Happy.” The song was written and produced by Lamorris Williams and performed as a duet with soul music legend, Al Green. “You Make Me Happy” is just one of the new songs that will be released by independent record label Rocks Landon Entertainment as part of Lamorris Williams’s new CD, Ladies 1st. The release date for Ladies 1st is February 14, 2012. Ladies 1st also consists of other great ballads and love songs along with guest performances by other artists. You can catch Lamorris Williams performing to sold out crowds or by visiting him on the web at!

Al Green

Chasing Squirrelz w/ Al Green and Lamorris Williams

Chasing Squirrelz Inc.
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