Movie Nuts: 3 Stooges (2012)

3 Stooges movie poster

Words By: CS_TwisT
3 stooges did not move me in any way. The slapstick humor stuff went out of style for a reason. In the case of this movie they stayed too close to the source material, it is in every form 3 stooges. you can’t even call it a remake. Old folks will love that cause its familiar yet new. Kids will like it because its stupid and children are stupid (just kidding, I don’t really think kids are stupid, my 3 year old niece is too smart for her own damn good). Most people around my age (except for maybe Terence) will find their over the top faux bodily harm kind of lame.(i also think the actors voices were all dubbed which wasn’t cool) I did see a couple of Atlanta spots. Peach tree street! Which is cool cause I had no idea they film it here. The plot wasn’t to exciting, the plot twist was corny. The plot was so loose, it was basically stretched out to fit the whole like 90-something minutes.  There was a lot of Eva cleavage… TOO much Eva Longoria cleavage for a family film actually. The humors all clean which I thought was lame. The rawest thing in the movie is a brief showing of lion testicles… yes.. im not making that up at all. Oh and it’s a scene with babies that made me giggle over how false and stupid it was. IMO the best part of the movie was when they did the disclaimer on not to copy the stooges for the kids. Basically, this is a family movie… if you have a family or like kids or whatever or just a real 3 Stooges fan the GO SEE THIS MOVIE! If your like me… then don’t waste your time and if your a little curious wait for the DVD or dollar theater.

Also I think having a rating system out of 4 is ridiculous Terence gave the last film a 3 1/2 out of 4. WHAT IS THAT?

i give the film 5/10 nuts


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