Foxy Shazam takes Atlanta to the Church of Rock and Roll

Foxy Shazam rocks the roof off the Masquerade in Atlanta

On Wednesday, April 25, Foxy Shazam returned to Atlanta to take its residents to church. The Church of Rock and Roll that is.

Foxy Shazam performing "Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll"

As part of their “Tabernacle Tour” promoting their new album “The Church of Rock and Roll” , Foxy Shazam played the Masquerade in Atlanta with friends Cadaver Dogs, The Revels and Concord America.

Foxy Shazam rocking out

Check out Chasing Squirrelz Inc’s photo and video recap of the energetic, intense and explosive night of music!

Concord America

Concord America Gallery

The Revels

The Revels gallery

Cadaver Dogs

Cadaver Dogs gallery

Foxy Shazam's lead vocalist, Eric Sean Nally

Pianist, Sky White of Foxy Shazam's solo

Eric and guitarist Loren take a stroll across stage

Trumpeter and back-up vocalist Alex Nauth

Foxy Shazam bassist, Daisy

Drummer, Aaron McVeigh blows off some steam

Eric's intensity on stage is unparalleled

Foxy Shazam gallery

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The Church of Rock and Roll

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