Killer Mike releases his 6th LP, R.A.P. Music

Killer Mike’s R.A.P Music

Known for his hard hitting lyrics and powerful, inspirational messages in his music, Michael Render, better known as Killer Mike, released his 6th LP entitled R.A.P. Music (Rebellios African People).

R.A.P. Music, released May 15 is in stores NOW!

The album, entirely produced by hip-hop artist EL-P is a modern-day classic from start to finish. Some memorable tracks are “Big Beast” featuring TI. ,Bun B and Trouble which kicks off the piece with heavy music and southern heat, “Untitled” featuring Scar, “Don’t Die” and “Reagan”; each, like every other track on the album sending striking and powerful insight into society in the aspects of the past, the present and the future, painting a unique portrait of a not just a people, but a way of life that resonates after each listen.

On the title track “R.A.P. Music” Killer Mike states, “The closest I’ve come to seeing or feeling GOD is listening to rap music; RAP music is my religion…Amen.” This closing track sums up the entire album as a whole, bringing Killer Mike’s emotions and thought processes back around full circle.

Chasing Squirrelz Inc. has had to pleasure of working with Killer Mike in the past and are always eager for the artist’s next venture.

Be on the look out for more to come from Chasing Squirrelz and Killer Mike but for now, enjoy these portraits of Mike, T.I and Bun B photographed by Terence RUSHin on the set of the Thomas Bingham directed film for “Big Beast” (also be on the look out for behind the scenes coverage from Chasing Squirrelz from the set once the visual is released)

Killer Mike
photo by: Terence RUSHin

Bun B
Photo by: Terence RUSHin

Photo by: Terence RUSHin

Terence RUSHin of Chasing Squirrelz Inc. on behalf of the company, salutes Killer Mike, EL-P and their new album R.A.P Music

R.A.P. Music was released May 15 and is in stores now! Go get yourself a copy and support good music!

Book Terence RUSHin or any of the other Squirrelz for your next photo shoot, video shoot, coverage of your next show, event or any other media needs!



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