Recording Artist + Disney Quotes

As kids, cartoons, animated movies, and crazy characters ruled our every movement, thought, and even how we spoke.  We hung onto every word of our favorite characters, especially Disney characters.

This  sparked an idea for Marcus “Twist” Thompson . Take some of our favorite Disney character quotes and combine them with our concert photos!

When he first told us what he was going to do, we didn’t completely understand the concept, But once he revealed it to us, there was something enlightening about it. The words of our childhood hero’s combined with our adult role models. 

Doing his best to match the perfect quote with the right artist, this is what he came up with. Let us know what you think!

Mariah Carey + Belle

Mariah Carey + Belle

Nicki Minaj + Cruela Deville

Nicki Minaj + Cruela Deville

Kid Cudi + Buzz LightYear

Kid Cudi + Buzz LightYear

Future + Pinnochio

Future + Pinocchio

Lupe Fiasco + Ralph

Lupe Fiasco + Scar

Of course we will keep going and see just how far we can take this concept, and move onto other characters. Let us know who some of your favorite animated characters are. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

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