Urban Ballerina: Endia Yates

Chelsea “CMFT” Turner hit the streets of Atlanta with Professional dancer Endia Yates to create some striking images of Ballet. Urban Ballerina is a fusion of the strict lines of ballet placed in the reality of an urban environment. check out some of the images that Chelsea and Endia created.

470807_10151730198318588_949771811_o 470912_10151730198138588_984891749_o 892756_10151730197098588_1342658953_o 1008804_10151730197403588_1601301531_o 1009440_10151730197938588_813383212_o 1026050_10151730197088588_1022983199_o 1065230_10151730198223588_99803600_o 1071670_10151730197913588_1779146693_o 1073201_10151730198268588_1220209348_o 1073870_10151730197793588_665256225_o 1074343_10151730197273588_598425390_o 202224_10151730197508588_1993062890_o 277330_10151730197388588_199389256_o

As always, Keep Calm and Chase Squirrelz!

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