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Wrath of the Titans Screening 3/27/12

Wrath of the Titans poster

     Following 2010’s Greek mythology blockbuster “Clash of the Titans” comes the next film in the series by Warner Brothers Pictures, “Wrath of the Titans”, continuing story of demigod Perseus , the mortal son of Zeus , killer of the Krakken. “Wrath of the Titans” takes place 10 years after “Clash” in a world where no one prays to the gods anymore, and they are losing their powers & numbers because of it. The film follows Perseus  (played by Sam Worthington) as he is called out of “retirement” to venture to the underworld to rescue his father Zeus (Liam Nesson) who has been captured by his godly son Ares (Édgar Ramírez) and Zeus’ brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes) who plot to release the imprisoned Titans back into the world.

Konsole Kingz Event

Last night we got the chance to catch the movie before anyone else during an exclusive screening at Regal Hollywood 24 in Atlanta.

Regal Hollywood 24 in Atlanta

     A friend of ours forwarded us some information on the screening sponsored and hosted by Konsole Kingz. Always eager to catch a free movie, we both RSVP’ed and did some research on the event and host. We found a website for Konsole Kingz but nothing telling us anything about who they were or what it is exactly they do.

     We did however find a flyer advertising the event with the general information on it: date, location, time and a sort of schedule of events. The movie screening was to start at 7:30pm, but the poster told of an interesting “gaming meet-up” that was at 5:30pm.
Being the big nerds we were, we got to the event at 5:15pm (Terence in his Clash of the Titans t-shirt) eager to check out the gaming meet-up in hopes of checking out some awesome new video game in a kick-ass tournament style meet-up competition. What else could fill up the TWO HOUR gap in between the start of the event and the movie itself?

Event poster

Arriving to the main area, we spotted a lone screen and video projector and a line of guest waiting to see the movie. We joined the line and after waiting for about 30 minutes for something to happen one of the event staffed asked the crowd of approximately 50 people “Who out here likes to play video games?” with such promise and excitement in her voice. We both raised our hands immediately and Terence was picked to try out the new Wrath of the Titans video game. (Ooooh!)

Terence eager for the premier of Wrath of the Titans

To our dismay, the “game-meeting” was just 3 laptops (2 macbooks, 1 acer PC) and the gameplay session only lasted 5-7 min AND I got stuck on the PC. On a 512mb memory 2001 laptop I could not enjoy the game to it full potential if it was there but was compensated for my time with a nifty WOT workout towel.

This was the bulk of the event. So for another hour and a half everyone just waited. We grabbed a bucket of popcorn and listened to people complain about how they thought the screening was supposed to start at 5:30 because of the poster.

After the crowd grew, the doors were open, we were given our 3D glasses and proceeded to our seats. With another 45 minutes to spare, we were introduced to our host, CJ of Konesole Kingz and sat and watched while everyone jumped out of their seats trying to win trivia question and raffle prizes.

Movie Review

     This was the first 3D film we have seen since “The Adventures of Tintin” that effectively used the 3D technology to actually benefit the film. From the beginning of the opening credits, you could sense actually depth in the picture on screen, dragging us deeper into the world that was coming to life in front of our eyes while the voice of Liam Nesson’s Zeus provided narration as we get a peak at Tartarus, the great prison of the underworld. In 3D, you get a realistic perspective of the epic scale of this massive fortress that has held the titan Kronos captive for many a age…until now.

     We find Zeus seeking hel from his son Perseus because dark times are on the horizon and he is one of the only ones left who can make a difference. However, Perseus’ heroic days are behind him since the (SPOILER ALERT) birth of his son Helius and the death of his wife. He declines and Zeus treks on without him into sudden danger.

    Next thing you know, you are in the middle of one of the stand out scenes from the film, the battle with the Chimera, a two-headed, flying, fire breathing beast with a serpent’s tail. This action sequence was done very well with the integration of 3D technology, great editing and cliffhanging moments all putting you closer to the action to the point that you feel as though you right in between Perseus and his opponent. Again, this scene was extremely enjoyable in 3D, with moments that made everyone in the audience jump in fear of the images protruding from the screen making us feel like we were on a thrill ride at Universal Studios.

     As the film progresses, the audience is treated with plenty of eye candy with great visuals and plenty of laughs with the introduction of the son of Poseidon, Agenor (Toby Kebbell), a demigod like Perseus.

     The role of  Andromeda has been changed from  Alexa Davalos to Rosamund Pike. A slight difference that I only noticed after looking up the film on IMBD. Her character and Worthington’s character neither have less or more chemistry from the first installment in the series, but where the sparks from romantic chemistry were lacking, the film surely makes up for it with with its other strong points.

     Stand out parts of the film to us were the battle with the Chimera, the Greek landscape shots, the trip through the labyrinth (albiet an unrealistically short one), the final epic battle with the titan Kronos, and interestingly enough, the dynamics of relationships between family members in the film. Sam Worthington’s performance here is also a highlight as he has grown as an actor, even since his starring role in James Cameron’s Avatar.

The Grade

        With a majority of good acting, a better story than it’s predecessor, amazing creatures, and stunning 3D, Wrath of the Titans truly does live up to all the hype in its marketing that seems to be everywhere you turn. Definitely worth the money to catch it in theaters, and if you can afford to, we say go the extra mile and dish out the extra dinero to see it in 3D. (just smuggle some snacks in with you if you’re not looking to spend ALL your money at the theater on Friday!)

Even though the event was a let down, the film itself made up for it tenfold!

We give Wrath of the Titans

3 1/2 NUTS!


Wrath of the Titans comes to theaters Friday, March 30 EVERYWHERE!

Until the next screening event, DVD release, or concert review….GO NUTS!

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Movie Nuts at Wrath of the Titans